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Title: The ports and trade of the Red Sea Basin.
Authors: Asfour, M. M.
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This work attempts a systematic study of the physical and economic factors which have influenced the siting, development and trading relations of the important ports of the Red Sea. Comparative analysis forms an important part of the method. The information contained in this work derives mainly from field notes, Italian, English, French and Arabic references, and published or unpublished governmental and official records. Field notes and photographs are the result of about three years' field work in 1958-60, and a return visit from England to the Red Sea ports from May to December, 1961. They include information gained from special studies relating to port studies, settlement, population and water supply. Observations and information cover Egypt, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the northern part of the Yemen as far as time and accessibility would allow. In the course of travelling, more than three thousand miles were covered by all means of transport throughout the area. As an introductory step before embarking on the field work, I made a point of studying the available literature on the Red Sea ports in the United Kingdom and Egypt. This involved a reconnaissance survey, not only of the Red Sea basin, but in some cases of the whole of the Middle East. A major problem throughout the investigation was the lack of relevant statistical information and literature covering the area. To overcome this, field observation was used whenever possible. The important ports were studied in greater detail.
Description: PhD Thesis
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