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Title: Scalable and responsive real time event processing using cloud computing
Authors: Suresh, Visalakshmi
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Cloud computing provides the potential for scalability and adaptability in a cost e ective manner. However, when it comes to achieving scalability for real time applications response time cannot be high. Many applications require good performance and low response time, which need to be matched with the dynamic resource allocation. The real time processing requirements can also be characterized by unpredictable rates of incoming data streams and dynamic outbursts of data. This raises the issue of processing the data streams across multiple cloud computing nodes. This research analyzes possible methodologies to process the real time data in which applications can be structured as multiple event processing networks and be partitioned over the set of available cloud nodes. The approach is based on queuing theory principles to encompass the cloud computing. The transformation of the raw data into useful outputs occurs in various stages of processing networks which are distributed across the multiple computing nodes in a cloud. A set of valid options is created to understand the response time requirements for each application. Under a given valid set of conditions to meet the response time criteria, multiple instances of event processing networks are distributed in the cloud nodes. A generic methodology to scale-up and scale-down the event processing networks in accordance to the response time criteria is de ned. The real time applications that support sophisticated decision support mechanisms need to comply with response time criteria consisting of interdependent data ow paradigms making it harder to improve the performance. Consideration is given for ways to reduce the latency,improve response time and throughput of the real time applications by distributing the event processing networks in multiple computing nodes.
Description: PhD Thesis
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